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Pick-Up and Delivery are always FREE. Our laundry service days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9AM - 4PM.

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How To Order Wash-Dry-Fold Delivery!

1. Place Your First Order Through Our App

To Place Your Order by Phone, Text 727-317-6812 with your Name and Address. We are Open Monday – Friday from 8AM-5PM for Phone Orders. 

2. Set Your Order Out By 9AM The Morning Of Your Pickup Date

Please Keep Wash-Dry-Fold Items Separate from Dry Cleaning Items. After Your First Order You Will Receive Back A Complimentary Wash & Roll Laundry Bag, & A Dry Cleaning Bag If Needed

3. Receive Your Order Back In 2 Business Days

By Ordering Through The App, You Will Receive Notifications Each Step Of The Way. Place Your Order By 9AM Monday To Receive Back By Wednesday.


Free Pickup & Delivery | 15lb Minimum on Wash-Dry-Fold

  • Wash-Dry-Fold (Delivery) $1.80/lb

    Offered Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9AM - 4PM

Dry Cleaning

In-Person Prices | Delivery Prices
  • Dress Shirt $4.00 | $5.00
  • Blouse $5.00 | $6.00
  • Pants $7.00 | $8.00
  • 2-Piece Suit $13.00 | $15.00
  • Tie $4.00 | $5.00
  • Dress $12.00 | $13.00
  • Heavy Coat $12.00 | $13.00
  • Trench Coat $20.00 | $21.00
  • Long Dress $15.00 | $16.00
  • Sport Coat $7.00 | $8.00
  • Fancy Dress $20.00 | $21.00
  • Comforter $20.00 | $20.00

Other Services

Airbnb Cleaning Services

Wash & Roll specializes in Airbnb Cleaning Services, offering full service turnovers including deep cleaning, linen swaps (washed off-site at one of our locations), inventory management, and damage checks.

Commercial Laundry Services

With our large capacity machines, we can process over 1,000 pounds of linen per hour. Wash & Roll will provide a custom quote for your commercial linen needs, and setup daily or bi-weekly pickups to handle your business's needs.

Other Laundry Services

Wash & Roll can handle pickup & delivery laundry for any type of business. We love working with Restaurants & Catering, Out-Patient Surgical Centers, Massage Therapist, Gyms & Wellness Centers, and Universities & Offices!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Monday, Wednesday, Friday is our scheduled routes. We currently only offer delivery on Tuesday & Thursday for Commercial Laundry Services.
Our route begins at 9:00AM everyday and usually finishes around 4:00PM. You can expect your order to be picked up / dropped off in between those times.
Please set your laundry bag in a safe place outside of your door, so it is easily visible for our driver once they approach your building.
Once you Place Your First order through our App you will receive notifications of pick-up, completion, and delivery.
  • To place an order, you will need to Download Our App, allowing you to place orders, receive notifications, & review past orders.
  • Then click on “Wash-Dry-Fold” or “Dry Cleaning”, Click “Add”, you can add both services to the same order, select your order options, Click “Continue”, Schedule Your Pickup by selecting your address, selecting a pickup & delivery date, adding any specific instructions, and Confirming Your Order.
  • Once your order has arrived to our facility we will weigh your laundry, and check in your dry cleaning items. They will then be added to your order by one of our laundry specialist.
By ordering through the Wash & Roll App, you can easily place orders, receive notifications upon pickup, completion, & drop-off, & view past orders & charges. You can easily edit your billing address, pickup / drop-off address (Shipping Address), & edit information within your account.
After your first order, you will receive a Wash & Roll Laundry Bag, Dry Cleaning Bag, Door Hook, and ID Card. Please place your Door Hook over your door on days you are to receive hanging laundry or dry cleaning.

Learn About Wash & Roll

Wash & Roll pick-up and delivery laundry services, provides residents of St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and all of Tampa Bay, Florida with Wash-Dry-Fold and Dry Cleaning services. Wash & Roll has been in business since 2018, and has grown to a team of 25+ employees, multiple locations, and working with a variety of clientele. Residential clients can easily place their laundry orders through our app for pick-up and delivery. Airbnb clients can partner with us to manage their entire turnover process for their units. Motels and other businesses can schedule daily laundry services with us too!