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Most Frequently Asked Questions

For maximum efficiency, all 3 types of laundry machines on our properties should be utilized. Start by washing your laundry in our washers. Next, use our extractors to squeeze much of the moisture out of your wet laundry. Finish by using our dryers to dry your clothes to completion. Using an extractor before the dryer greatly reduces the amount of drying time required.
For best results, be sure not to fill the washers up with too much laundry. Washers require some space so they are able to move the laundry items around to work the dirt and stains out. Also, it is best to use a high quality soap like Tide or Gain, as they are more effective than cheaper alternatives.
It is best to start with the big washing machines first. Fill them up with loads of your laundry, and only move to the smaller machines once you no longer have enough laundry to make a full load in the larger machines. The larger the machine, the more cost-efficient they are, so it makes more sense for you to use them as long as you can fill them up. As an added bonus, they are also able to provide a better wash than smaller machines.
Top loading washers are washers like you may recall using at home. As you may have figured, they open from the top and you drop laundry down into them. Top loading washers work sufficiently for very small amounts of laundry, but front loading washers are able to clean larger amounts of clothes and they do a better job cleaning them.
The absolute best thing you can do to make sure your colors don’t wash out is to always wash your colors, especially brights, in cold water.