Laundry Delivery Service

Download Our App for Wash-Dry-Fold

Wash & Roll offers a Laundry Delivery Service, which allows clients to place orders in less than 30 seconds by Downloading Our App!
Available on Apple & Google Stores.

For Commercial Clients, Airbnbs, Motels, etc. Please Email Us at orders@washandroll.co To Setup A Delivery Schedule

Download Our App

Download the Wash & Roll Laundry Delivery Service App, available on Apple and Google Play Stores. Sign Up for your account by entering your phone, address, and laundry details. The App saves all your information for easy reordering!

Set Out Your Order

On the morning of your pickup, set your order out by 9AM. For your first order it's okay to have it in a trash bag, as your driver will transfer your order to one of our Wash & Roll Delivery Bags. You will receive updates on your order pickup, being washed, and when it's out for delivery!

Receive Your Order

Once your order is has gone through our wash-dry-fold process, by one of our experienced laundry attendants, it will be sent back out for delivery. You can expect your laundry delivery service order to be delivered between 9AM & 4PM, with a App notification once it's been delivered!


Other Laundry Delivery Service

Wash & Roll specializes in commercial laundry services in the Tampa Bay area for St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, and surrounding cities. We handle pickup and deliveries for restaurants, venues, hotels, motels, universities, spas, and out-patient facilities. We also handle pickup, delivery, inventory, and house cleanings for property management and rentals, personal homes, and corporate offices.

Commercial Laundry Service

Wash & Roll offers another Laundry Delivery Service, Commercial Laundry Service. This service is used by Hotels & Motels, Property Management Companies, House Cleaning Services, as well as Gyms, Restaurants, and Doctor Offices. Learn More on our Commercial Laundry Service Page.

Airbnb Laundry Service

Wash & Roll specializes in Laundry Service for Airbnb, by taking an Inventory after every turnover, removing all types of stains to ensure your clients will never have a dirty linen, and communicating with your House Cleaning team to keep your laundry secure. Read More about our Airbnb Laundry Service.

Dry Cleaning Laundry Service

If you have a Delivery Laundry Service need, you may also need Dry Cleaning Delivery. Wash & Roll also offers Dry Cleaning Service for all clients. Bag your Dry Cleaning items separately, and have them handled with extreme care, and returned to you promptly. Learn More about Delivery Dry Cleaning here.